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Make Your Voice Heard!

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Read and Understand

Could Stalin have achieved the same results without resorting to his dictatorial policies?

Imagine you’re an ordinary Russian who lived through Stalin’s economic policies. What improved and what got worse during your life under Stalin?

State two positive and two negative impacts that any of Stalin’s economic policies had on Russia. For each impact, give the name of the policy and explain why it had a positive or negative impact, giving examples to help in your explanation.

Find the information on these websites for your presentation and comment in the next two posts!

  1. The National Archives: Heroes & Villains
  2. The Stalin Project
  3. Gulag: Forced Labor Camps Online Exhibition
  4. Revision: Russia under Stalin (1924 – 53)
  5. HSC Online: Russia and the Soviet Union 1917 – 1941