Negative Impacts

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Response Required

Comment here to list and explain at least two negative impacts of Stalin’s economic policies on Russia.

Starved Bodies in a Mass Grave: Comrade Stalin’s Legacy

  1. The Awesomes says:

    Negative Impacts

    He took away our livestocks in our farms and forced us to kill them as we did not want to surrender it to them and I’d rather kill and burn my lifestocks rather than giving them gain and not getting any..

    He sent my father which I love so much to the Gulag and I have never seen him since then.

  2. Steffi , Clarisse , Wilfred , See Gwang says:

    – Over ten million were killed and many more had their lives destroyed by the system .
    Bacause : There was a lack of food and harsh working and living conditons , killing many peasants .

    – There were riots and strikes against Stalin by peasants as no matter how hard they had worked , their real wages did not increase .

  3. sharmilah... says:

    Stalin is a cruel man as he kills humans in the Gulag camp as he is a sadist. They oppose against him and protest against stalin which makes him angry and thus he killed them.

  4. Group 2 (Jesslyn, Mengdi, Ansel and Jeremy) says:

    He neglected the basic needs for his workers, such as food, clothes and shoes.
    Russians suffered in bitter cold winters due to the lack of suitable clothing and poor heating in their home, and the price of rationing for these goods led to high prices.

    Initial enthusiasm was affected with terrible work conditions and unrealistic production targets. The works were treated harshly such that, they would be punished if the works did not meet the targets.

  5. Zhan Wei, Jingwen, Samantha, Claudia says:

    Life under Stalin was difficult for us, the Russians in the 1930’s. Housing was not easy to find and it nearly always involved living with a number of other families. Finding everyday goods was also very difficult. A great deal of attention was paid to heavy industry, but very little attention was paid to producing household goods or food. This resulted in a widespread shortage of goods and a system of ration cards.
    There were also Forced Labor Camps in the Communist Countries and the Soviet Union and other Communist countries denied the existence of forced labor within their borders, calling them instead “corrective” and “re-educational” camps. In reality, these camps were used as a means of political coercion and punishment for those holding or expressing opposing political views.

  6. Maple, Qin wen, Shen ee, Yin Xin, Wee Leong says:

    Stalin killed many people because collectivization as they have to put all the peasants into one large farm and extra workers have to go work in the factories, they were starved and froze to death and they do not know how to operate the machines in a safety manner. Those who did not reach the target that Stalin set were killed. The rich landowners refused to give up their land to the collectives and rather kill their own animals. Stalin became furious and sent them to Gulag, a labour camp that made them work till their deaths.

  7. TayYang, Joanne, Benton, Klarissa, Winnie :D says:

    1. They were 100 years behind the advanced countries and they must make good this lag in ten years.
    2. Agriculture declined catastrophically, as the peasant resisted the forced collectivization of agriculture.

  8. Gerldine.LynetteYu heng,Shing e :) says:

    Negative: However, To bring about this huge change, he acted ruthlessly. Whether as a result of his direct orders or as a result of his policies, it is possible that 20 million people died during Stalin’s reign. He was hated and feared as a dictator. Everyone was furious with the number of death he had created.

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