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Posted: March 8, 2011 in Read and Understand

Could Stalin have achieved the same results without resorting to his dictatorial policies?

Imagine you’re an ordinary Russian who lived through Stalin’s economic policies. What improved and what got worse during your life under Stalin?

State two positive and two negative impacts that any of Stalin’s economic policies had on Russia. For each impact, give the name of the policy and explain why it had a positive or negative impact, giving examples to help in your explanation.

Find the information on these websites for your presentation and comment in the next two posts!

  1. The National Archives: Heroes & Villains
  2. The Stalin Project
  3. Gulag: Forced Labor Camps Online Exhibition
  4. Revision: Russia under Stalin (1924 – 53)
  5. HSC Online: Russia and the Soviet Union 1917 – 1941
  1. Gerldine.LynetteYu heng,Shing e :) says:

    Positive: Under stalin’s state-run programme of rapid industrialisation. Factories were built, transport networks developed and workers encouraged, even forced, to work harder. Stalin intended to turn the economy around and make the USSR competitive with capitalist countries.

    All of us adored Stalin . During his lifetime he was glorified in newspapers and films, cities and streets were named after him, and statues of him were put up around the USSR. We seen him as the man who turned an undeveloped and divided nation into an industrial super-power.

    Negative: However, To bring about this huge change, he acted ruthlessly. Whether as a result of his direct orders or as a result of his policies, it is possible that 20 million people died during Stalin’s reign. He was hated and feared as a dictator. Everyone was furious with the number of death he had created.

    The USSR became strong enough to help defeat Germany during World War 2 and after the war was one of the most powerful nations in the world. Stalin’s policy of industrialisation helped achieve this, but at the cost of many of our Russian lives.

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